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Do You Struggle With…

Body Aches/Pains



Unstable Blood Sugars

Mental Clarity

Fatigue/Low Energy

Restless Sleep


Digestive Issues and/or Heartburn


Symptoms like these are so common, yet left untreated. No matter how many tests or doctor’s visits, you can't seem to make any headway. Don’t fret, even with your life long symptoms it is possible to feel good again!


Start your path to Breaking Free by taking advantage of your first sauna session at half price TODAY.

Breaking Free – Helping Others!

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If it has to do with weight loss, I can help. So, let’s start here (check all that apply):

I’m here because I:

a) Struggle with weight-gain

b) Have fatigue/low energy

c) Have stress/anxiety

d) Have restless sleep

e) Have unstable blood sugars

GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right place.

Life has blessed me with a loving family and many cherished friends. They have brought much joy to my life; however, I have been saddened to witness several of them suffer in life. Many struggled with their weight, diabetes and high blood pressure. My frustration with our medical system and the use of standard protocols has grown.

So many physicians seem unwilling to depart from treatment paths that don’t work and have very little time to get to know their patients. Armed with a degree in dietetics and a passion to avenge the loss of loved ones, I decided to act.

I’m Rebecca Lundberg and it’s my goal to find a better way and help you to Break Free! I have come to understand that there are three things needed to make any change, mental, emotional, or physical: desire, intent and persistence. Perhaps you have attempted change before and are worried about getting stuck again. Or maybe this is a change you have no idea how to bring into being. In either case, I can help you succeed.

Sauna Sessions

SINGLE SESSION - $35 - One 40 Minute Infrared Sauna Session

5 PACK - $150 for 5 sessions

10 PACK $250 for 10 sessions

20 PACK - $400 for 20 sessions


-12 month commitment

$10/Month: Unlimited purchases of single sauna sessions for $29 each

$20/Month: Unlimited purchases of single sauna sessions for $25 each

Health Coaching

Coaching sessions can be done in person at Break Free, over the phone, or virtually. I specialize in diabetes, weight loss, ketosis (ketogenic/low carb) and intermittent fasting


1 x 40-minute session to talk about the most effective ways you can eliminate your symptoms to feel better


1 x 90 and 5 x 30-minute sessions that will teach you a lot about fueling your body optimally


Are you ready to take the first step towards changing your future?

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Health Coaching

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ADDRESS: 1328 Excalibur Drive, Janesville WI 53546

TEL: 608-752-7981 | info@breakfree-healthandwellness.com

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