Color wheel


At Break Free Health & Wellness chromotherapy/color light therapy is included with our infrared sauna service. 

Color Light Therapy is a technique of restoring imbalance by means of applying color to the body. Light Therapy has been valued throughout history as a remarkable source of healing and today the therapeutic applications of light and color are being investigated in major hospitals and research centers worldwide. Results indicate that full-spectrum, ultraviolet, colored, and laser light can have therapeutic value for a range of conditions from chronic pain and depression to immune disorders.

Our skin is the one place where we see the visible, detrimental effects of toxins taking a toll on our body.  Whether it is alcohol, nicotine, stress, sleep deprivation or food toxicity, over time the skin reveals the unpleasant truth of the aging process. In addition, as we age the elasticity in our skin decreases due to collagen loss; unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration tend to show up. Rejuvenation and healing the skin to its natural glow with light therapy is a safe, natural process that can be much more effective than any expensive creams and/or procedures to reduce them.

The spectrum of color usage is endless, with its ability to elevate moods, produce soothing mindsets, stimulate cell regeneration, and help in healing. When used with our infrared sauna, the healing benefits are endless and have a profound effect on us on all levels … physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.



Activates the circulatory and nervous systems. Known as “The Great Energizer”.  Great for colds, sluggish or dormant conditions, such as pneumonia, arthritis, and/or anemia. Red links with and stimulates the base of the spine, causing adrenal glands to release adrenalin. This results in greater strength.


Provides anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation.


Lubricates joints. Helps address infections, stress and nervous tension.


Energizes and eliminates localized fat.  Helps address asthma and bronchitis.


Acts as a relaxant. The universal healing color. One of the best light therapy hues for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder, as it can calm one down quickly and directly counteract the side effects of SAD. Cleanses and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal. When in doubt, go green.


Stimulates muscle and skin cells, nerves, and the circulatory system.


Strengthens the body and acts on internal tissue.


Helps address eye inflammation, cataracts, glaucoma, and ocular fatigue.


Acts as a cleanser, strengthening the veins and arteries.


Reactivates and purifies the skin.  Helps with indigestion and bodily stress. Helps awaken mental inspiration arousing higher mentality. Shown to create feelings of optimism, good humor, and positivity.


Activates and eliminates impurities from the blood stream.


Relaxes the nerves & lymphatic system.  Addresses inflammation and urinary illness.