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Have you ever wondered what to make of all the mixed messages about what constitutes a healthy diet? The speed at which fad diets come and go can be overwhelming; how in the world can the average person, busy with work and family, try to make sense of it all?

The theory that reducing calories leads to weight loss is false, since decreasing calories inevitably leads to a reduced metabolism. This sequence has been proven time and again. We just keep hoping that this strategy will somehow, this time, work. It won’t. Face it. In our heart of hearts, we already know it to be true. Caloric reduction and portion-control strategies only make you tired and hungry. Worst of all…you regain all the weight you have lost.

We forget this inconvenient fact because our health care professionals, our government, our scientists, our politicians and our media have all been screaming at us for decades that weight loss is all about Calories In versus Calories Out. “Caloric reduction is primary.” “Eat Less, Move More.” We have heard it so often that we do not question whether it’s the truth.

Instead, we believe that the fault lies in ourselves. We feel we have failed. Some silently criticize us for not adhering to the diet. Others silently think we have no willpower and offer us meaningless platitudes. Sound familiar?

The failing isn’t ours. The portion-control caloric-reduction diet is virtually guaranteed to fail. Eating less does not result in lasting weight loss.

At Break Free Health & Wellness we specialize in diabetes, weight loss, ketosis (ketogenic/low carb) and intermittent fasting. We provide our clients with a framework of knowledge of how your body responds to the foods that we eat the importance of when we eat them and a deep and thorough understanding of weight gain; so, that successful weight loss can be maintained.