Health Coaching

Believe In Yourself

Together we will get you to the top
of the mountain!

Health Coaching

Knowledge is Power

Brighter Days are Ahead!

Brighter days are ahead!

Have you ever wondered what to make of all the mixed messages
about what constitutes a healthy diet?

The speed at which fad diets come and go can be overwhelming; how in the world can the average person, busy with work and family, try to make sense of it all?

At Break Free Health & Wellness we specialize in weight loss, intermittent fasting and diabetes management. We provide our clients with a framework of knowledge of how your body responds to the foods that we eat, the importance of when we eat them and a deep and thorough understanding of weight gain; so, that successful weight loss can be maintained.

What happens at this consultation?  During this free session we will get to know each other and see if there is anything for us to work on together.  The overall goal is to get you to your optimal healthy balanced life, as you imagine it, or a life you didn't even know could be possible! If we think it's a good fit to work together, I will explain my coaching program options.  You can ask questions to get to know how things work and decide if you are ready for coaching.

Health Coaching

Coaching sessions can be done in person at Break Free, over the phone, or virtually. I specialize in weight loss, intermittent fasting and diabetes management.


1 x 40-minute session to talk about the most effective ways you can eliminate your symptoms to feel better


(10% Discount if PAID in Full at the Time of Registration)

1 x 90 and 5 x 30-minute sessions that will teach you about fueling your body optimally