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Packer Discount

The NFL season has started....what does that mean for you? An amazing discount on single sauna session purchases. The discount applied to single sauna session purchases is based on how many points the Green Bay Packers score each week. The Pack scored 27 points this week so single sauna sessions are 27% OFF through December 11, 2023.

NOTE: the Green Bay Packer %OFF can be a stacked savings with memberships.

Green & White Football

Refer & Earn

How the Break Free Referral Program works

Step 1: Join Program

and get referral link

Step 2: Share Link

on social media and more

Step 3: Get Rewarded

for promoting Break Free Health & Wellness


Invite your friends and family and we’ll reward you with a FREE sauna session.


Your referred friend will get an additional 20% OFF the new client 50% OFF on their first sauna session.

How do I get credited with my free sauna session(s)?

At the end of each month, your reward sauna session(s) will be calculated based on the number of new customers that used your referral link to sign up and pay for their first sauna session.

When do I get credited with my free sauna session(s)?

After the new client purchase is verified, earned free sauna session(s) are added to your account the month after your reward is earned. For example, any free sauna sessions earned in February will be available by March 15th.  A reward sauna session will have a 6-month expiration.